Monday, August 20, 2007

4.11 The totality of true propositions is the whole of natural science (or the totality of the natural sciences).

Black (pp. 185-186) criticizes this remark for being incompatible with the more sophisticated 6.341.

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Anonymous said...

4.001 The totality of propositions is the language.
4.05 Reality is compared with the proposition.
4.06 Propositions can be true or false only by being pictures of the reality.
4.11 The totality of true propositions is the total natural science (or the tota
lity of the natural sciences).
4.111 Philosophy is not one of the natural sciences.

From this set of aphorisms we can conclude that there is no true proposition in philosophy. Because all true propositions are about science and philosophy is not science. That is an important result of the TLP.