Friday, November 30, 2007

6.34 All these propositions, like the principle of sufficient reason, of continuity in nature, of least expenditure in nature, etc. etc., all these are a priori insights concerning the possible fashioning of propositions of science.

So a feeling that there must be a certain kind of law is the recognition that there is room in the system for such a law, a law of that (so far fairly vague) type?

Black (p. 346) says that in a letter to Russell (129, 2) Wittgenstein treats “principle of sufficient reason” and “law of causation” as synonymous.

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Anonymous said...

Pathetic. Aftger Schopenhauer wrote a book explaining that the law of causality was only one of four roots to the Principle of Sufficient Reason. No excuse for Wittgenstein's ignorance here.