Friday, February 01, 2013

Hey, where's the free book?

It's here:

The "book" version of the text is slightly different from the blog version, in content as well as format. That is, I once went to edit the "book" version and found that I had already made the change I had in mind, even though I had not altered the blog. I don't remember what other changes I did or did not make, but the "book" version is likely to be more polished than the blog.


Philip Cartwright said...

This is marvelous. Thanks, Duncan.

I suppose it's too late to make one tiny suggestion? I personally would find it helpful for the commentary to be in a different colour (say, dark blue) to the text itself so that when I'm scrolling through I can more easily tell which of the two I'm looking at.

Obviously this isn't a huge problem, but it's just something I've noticed when using the book.

Anyway, excellent stuff!

Duncan Richter said...

Thanks, Philip. That's a good idea--I'll see what I can do (but it might take a while).

Anonymous said...

Great work.

Luciano said...

Hi, Richter
I don’t see your text, where is it?
But, if you like the Tractatus, tell me what do you think about my recent edition: “The Tractatus According to Its Own Form. Supplements and Other Shavings”, see the preview at

Duncan Richter said...

I'm sorry you can't see the text. The link seems broken for me too. Try this: Tractatus instead.

I like the look of your edition too. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.