Wednesday, May 02, 2007

4.015 The possibility of all similes, of all the imagery of our language, rests on the logic of picturing.

The clause “of all the imagery of our language” is Wittgenstein’s translation.

This clearly looks to be a key statement for the picture theory. Language is pictorial or representative, and the possibility of its being so depends on the logic of representation. So: the logic of representation is fundamental to the possibility of similes (representation?), which might in turn be taken to be a prerequisite for representation itself.

But is this resting or necessity or dependence meant to be metaphysical (factual)? Presumably not. It is logical. So the image of resting, etc. is quite misleading here. Can the logic of picturing really be anything other than the possibility of picturing? Does anything rest on anything else? Is anything at all really being said?

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