Monday, May 07, 2007

4.027 It is of the essence of a sentence that it can communicate a new sense to us.

We can learn new words, and use these to mean new things, but the credit should go not to words but to the sentence. If I become strong by taking steroids, it is a mistake to think that the steroids are doing all the work. Rather, my body is such that it converts steroids to muscle. It is of the essence of a sentence that it can absorb new words and use them to make a new sense.

Could there be anything here that could be used to solve the 6.54 puzzle? (Not that I can see, but this would seem to be a good place, in terms of the number scheme, to look.)

Original comment: A new sense in the sense that this combination of signs has not been seen before, at least by us. But how do we know the meanings of words except through sentences? And we just do not understand sentences on their own, as even 4.026 can be taken to imply.

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