Friday, December 01, 2006

2.034 The structure of a fact consists of the structures of the states of affairs.

More puzzling multiplication. So is a fact a state of affairs? Or a complex of states of affairs? Or is a fact the reality corresponding to (or realizing) the possibility that is a state of affairs? 1.112 and 2 suggest this last alternative is the correct one. Whatever states of affairs (or state of affairs) correspond to a fact must have the same logical structure as it, otherwise they would not be the states of affairs that correspond to it, by definition.

Black (p. 69): “This should be compared with 4.1. The ‘fact’ here is a complex fact (Tatsache): the ‘atomic facts’ (Sachverhalte) (‘states of affairs’ in P.-McG.) are those involved in the former.”

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