Wednesday, November 28, 2007

6.22 The logic of the world, which the propositions of logic show in tautologies, mathematics shows in equations.

So equations are at least like tautologies. And the logic of the world is the logic of language, since their limits are the same, making them co-extensive. Looks like linguistic idealism, doesn’t it?

White (pp. 109-110): "To understand what Wittgenstein means by ‘equations’, we need to refer back to 4.241-4.242. There they are described as only ‘representational devices’ and that is what we need to understand if we are to interpret the claim that they are ‘pseudo-propositions’.”

Black (p. 341): “It is hard to see how what is shown in equations can be assimilated in this way to what is shown in tautologies.”

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